Providing a path to psychological recovery for women who have survived sexual violence, war, and displacement

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Stitching the Unspeakable

Survivors of sexual and gender-based violence– even if they are trapped in war zones or displaced as refugees– deserve a full opportunity to heal from the deep psychological wounds they have suffered. But rarely are long-term psychological services available where rape is a pervasive weapon of war.

Inspired by ancient cultural practices and validated by current neuro-scientific understandings of trauma, Common Threads Project has developed a unique and effective group recovery program.

In a safe and supportive environment, women create story cloths to depict experiences that may be hard to express in words. This becomes an entry point for a multi-dimensional therapeutic process. We build local capacity through training and mentoring, build successful interventions and conduct rigorous research.

The CTP approach empowers women as they make their journey




Common Threads Project: Transformative Trauma Therapy


Across the globe, one in three women will experience physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime. The mental and emotional consequences of sexual and gender-based violence are devastating not only to the survivors, but to their families and communities as well. Common Threads Project aims to provide these women with opportunities for healing in person-centered, innovative ways. 
A team of filmmakers has documented this process in a new short film. Click below to hear these survivors' stories.





The pilot project of Common Threads was launched in 2012 in Lago Agrio, Ecuador.


To serve women who fled to Nepal as refugees from Pakistan, Iraq and Bhutan, we launched Common Threads Nepal in 2014.

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Bosnia and herzegovina

In 2016, Common Threads Project women’s circles were established in urban and rural settings in and around Zenica, Tuzla, and Bihać, with over 65 women participating.


democratic republic of the congo

In collaboration with Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation and Panzi hospital, we have launched a project in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.


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Empowering women as they make their journey from victims to survivors to agents of change

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