To serve women who fled to Nepal as refugees from Pakistan, Iraq and Bhutan, we launched Common Threads Nepal in 2014. CTP conducted an intensive training course in collaboration with TPO Nepal and UNHCR.

Eighteen psychosocial counselors completed the 80 hour experiential training. This initial cohort led 6 women’s circles of SGBV survivors. In response to the women’s enthusiasm, we developed “Phase II”  to continue supporting the progress of the participants.  Our monitoring and evaluation study demonstrated the efficacy of the model. In the summer of 2016, two women who had begun as participants became co-facilitators of new women’s circles.

With a track record of success with trauma survivors, and with a grant from UNICEF, TPO Nepal is responding to the overwhelming needs of earthquake survivors in the hardest hit districts. To help them expand the reach of Common Threads, we held a training for 15 new facilitators in Kathmandu in December 2017. The Ministry of Health wanted to participate as well, and sent some of their staff to the training. These clinicians began CTP women’s circles in seven districts in 2018.

You can view a photo essay on our Nepal project as of 2017 here.

A Nepali facilitator of CTP noted:

“Earlier, the participants kept tolerating abuse and violence, and they didn’t know where to go and ask for help. But during training, they got a platform to express themselves, knew where to go if problems arose. The program proved to be a medium for their empowerment.”


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